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At Temple Judea, our services are filled with music, prayer and thoughtful sermons. We blend traditional Jewish ritual with innovative and creative programming to reach out to all ages
Erev Shabbat Services - 6:15pm.  Join us on Friday night as we welcome Shabbat. Services are a little over an hour in length and are filled with community, friendship, prayer, music, and learning. Dress is "casual, nice" and children are always welcome.  Our cantors lead the congregation in uplifting and participatory music and our rabbis deliver inspiring and thought-provoking sermons and teachings each week.  
Children at Friday Night Services.  Children and families are always welcome in our worship services.  The Goor Sanctuary features a 'family room' in the back.  The room is sound resistant, has a bathroom and a large glass window that looks out into the sanctuary.  Audio from the service is piped into the room via a speaker so that families with very young children can still be part of the service while not disturbing others.

Welcome Home, a Shabbat Service embracing our special needs population: 5:30 PM on the 3rd Shabbat of the month.  Help make sure everyone in our community always feels welcome, with a service of music, joy, and the opportunity to just relax.