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Baby Naming

Since Jewish boys are brought into the covenant of the Jewish people through the rite of Brit Milah, a few decades ago rabbis began to create ceremonies for entering Jewish girls into the People of Israel. Some have a Brit or Brit Habat, a ceremony in the home that is akin to a Bris but without any medical procedure. Others have a baby naming in the synagogue on a Friday night during services. We are happy to help you by bringing your child up to the pulpit during a service and having our rabbis and cantors bless your baby and you. You can call our temple office to schedule a date. 

Sometimes people choose to bring their sons for a public baby naming too.

Brit Milah

A Brit Milah is the ritual circumcision of a Jewish Male on the 8th day following his birth. Despite some recent trends on the American scene to leave baby boys uncircumcised, circumcision remains a requirement for male Jewish identity even within the Reform Movement, the most liberal of the branches of American Judaism. Not only is it considered healthier, but it is the statement of identity for a Jewish boy. By giving their son a Brit Milah, parents affirm their son’s entrance into the Jewish People and the covenant between that child and God. 

One does not need a rabbi or cantor at a Brit Milah. Rather, a mohel is the Jewish professional who conducts the service and performs the circumcision. There are many Reform mohalim who are physicians, usually urologists or OB-Gyns. We are happy to help parents find competent and compassionate mohalim/mohalot to officiate. Just call the temple office.