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Directed Funds

Temple Judea has a wealth of innovative and creative programs that may hold a special place in your heart or life.  Our directed funds (to the General Fund, Discretionary Funds or specific programs) enable you to ensure your generous donation supports the program(s) of most importance to you. 

Please see below for descriptions of the various programs for you to support:


General Fund

 Help us fulfill our mission on a daily basis. 

Clergy Discretionary Funds

Rabbi Joshua M. Aaronson              Rabbi Cantor Alison Wissot

Rabbi Samuel L. Spector                             Cantor Yonah Kliger

Discretionary funds are funds of the temple that are under the control of the specific members of our clergy.  These funds are to be used for the benefit of the congregation and such other purposes as: to assist congregants or other individuals in need; to fund other 501(C)3 organizations, including Temple Judea;  to supplement customary synagogue expenses; to enable the purchase of items to be used by the clergy but which remain the property of the synagogue; and may not  be used for the personal benefit of the staff member or his/her family.

Director of Education - Education Fund

Helps improve the quality of education for our congregation and our community.

Executive Director - Administration Fund

Underwrites special administrative programs and activities that benefit the community.

ECC Program Support Fund

Provides support for the educational activities at the Early Childhood Center.

Natalie Smolens ECC Scholarship Fund

Helps pay the tuition for children between the ages of birth to five years old who, without financial help, could not attend our outstanding programs.

Endowment Fund

Uses net interest, dividends and gains to support Temple Programs. The goal is to build the fund to the point where it becomes a nest egg for the temple in times of needed extra expense.

Homeless/Needy Assistance Fund

 Provides for aid and shelter for those in need.

Ellen M. Rose Caring Community Fund

 Provides resources to help the congregation care for our members during times of extraordinary need.

Irv Kaiserman Beautification Fund

Supports the upkeep of the temple grounds.

Marshall Blair Leadership Fund

Provides opportunity for leadership growth and development.

Marvin Lezak Israel Scholarship Fund

Helps send Temple Judea youth and young adults to Israel. This is a separate fund in the Endowment Fund.

Music Fund

Underwrites any and all musical programs, concerts, commissioning of new music, instrumentation, etc., for the synagogue.

Paul Rubenstein Memorial Library Fund

 Provides books and materials for the temple library.

Prayerbook & Torah Fund

Underwrites printing and special purchases of prayerbooks; provides for care and restoration of Torah scrolls, prayerbooks, and artwork; supports other special liturgical needs.

Rabbi Donald Goor Lifelong Learning Fund

Maintain, supports, and creates opportunities for temple wide and community wide lifelong learning. 

Rabbi Hans Hirschberg Scholar-in-Residence Fund

Provides funding for our annual Scholar-in-Residence program.

Robert M. Baruck Youth Fund (provides scholarships)

Provides scholarships for temple youth to attend special regional and national activities.

Social Justice Fund

Funds Social Justice programming, events, and education.

Steven A. Fuld Youth Fund (provides program support)

 Helps the youth programs of Temple Judea to provide leadership training, model Jewish values, instill communal responsibility, and ensure a positive, safe and supportive social experience for Jewish children ages 7 - 17.